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Womble Watch specializes in Rolex and Omega. We only use original parts and materials. All repairs come with a two year warranty Free Overnight Shipping | Save up to 75% Off. 100% Authenticity Guarantee Day-Date. Launched in 1956, the Day-Date made its debut as the first waterproof and self-winding chronometer wristwatch to offer a modern calendar with an instantaneous day display, spelt out in full in a window on the dial, in addition to the date. The exceptional precision, reliability, legibility and presence of this prestigious model has made.

Listad som en av de bästa modellerna i raden av Rolex-klockor är Rolex Day Date President mestadels tillgänglig i ädelmetaller. Det är en av de mest sympatiska Rolex klockor som behåller sin överhöghet sedan starten 1956 The Day-Date 40 is equipped with a new-generation movement, calibre 3255, entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex for a superlative level of performance. This self-winding mechanical movement is at the forefront of the art of watchmaking The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date is a COSC certified, self-winding chronometer manufactured by Rolex. Initially presented in 1956, the Day-Date was the first watch to display the date as well as the day, spelled in full. The calendar display is offered in 26 languages

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Day-Date. Den ultimata prestigeklockan. Rolex Day-Date Kollektionen. Rolex Day-Date gjorde sin debut 1956. Den finns bara i 18k guld eller platina och var den första armbandskronometern som visade datum och veckodag helt utskrivna i fönster på urtavlan. Med presidentarmbandet som ursprungligen skapades speciellt för Day-Date fortsätter den att vara. Lägsta pris. Högsta pris. Namn A-Ö. Rolex. 128348RBR-0026. Day-Date 36. Ø36mm. 543 795 kr. 6-12 månader Rolex Day-Date Tridor 18039 ( Jubilee diamond dial, Box and... Rolex Day Date 36mm President Gold/18kt Kein original Rolex... Rolex Day Date 36mm 118205 Rosegold 750 Automatik Rotgold 18kt... Rolex Day-Date 118238 Gelbgold Black Diamant Rubi Dial Papers... Rolex Day Date 36 Tridor 18239 Rosegold Weissgold Gold 750.. Rolex Day-Date ny. Annonser upp till 3 400 000 kr. Ny/oanvänd. Begagnad. Annonser upp till 3 700 000 kr. Skickas från USA. Omedelbart tillgänglig. Med originallåda och originalhandlingar Köp klocka från Rolex Day-Date 40 - REA pris hos Sveriges största klockbutik - 90 dagars öppet köp & full garanti på alla klockor från Rolex Day-Date 40 serien. 90 dagars öppet köp Säkra betalninga

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  1. Rolex Day-Date II. Annonser upp till 3 300 000 kr. Ny/oanvänd. Begagnad. Annonser upp till 4 000 000 kr. Skickas från USA. Omedelbart tillgänglig. Med originallåda och originalhandlingar. Lokalisering
  2. The Rolex Day-Date is synonymous with luxury, prestige, and power. Also known as the President Watch, it displays the date and the day written out in full. It is only available in gold or platinum, making it a fantastic investment. By Chrono24 Last updated on October 13, 2020
  3. The Rolex Day-Date is an icon, but it's perhaps not for everyone out there. Not only due to the relatively high price point due to the use of precious metal, but also because of the style. If it is something for you, the good news is, that you will be able to find a vintage Rolex Day-Date on a leather strap around the €5500 mark
  4. Day-Date smooth bezel. Rolex 2021 Day-Date 40 NEW Silver Index Diagonal Motif Dial... Rolex Day-Date President 36 Boxes Papers Factory Champagne... Rolex Day-Date 40 President 18k Yellow Gold Champagne Men's... Rolex Day-Date 40/ Yellow Gold / Baguette / Diamond /NEW CARD..
  5. The Day-Date is Rolex's flagship watch collection, and it is exclusively crafted from either solid 18k gold or 950 platinum. In addition to its more complicated movement that displays both the date and the day of the week - spelled out in full, the Rolex Day-Date is expensive due to the premium nature of it materials

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  1. Rolex Day-Date 40 Oyster, 40 mm, yellow gold and diamonds M228348RBR-0002 £45,250.00 Rolex Day-Date 36 Oyster, 36 mm, Everose gold and diamonds M128345RBR-002
  2. Rolex Day Date var ursprungligen endast tillgänglig i 18 karat guld respektive platina tillsammans med den nyligen utvecklade länken President Bracelet. Det är även denna fantastiska modell som var den första Rolex att förses med texten Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified (COSC) på tavlan vilket är en certifiering som garanterar en gångavvikelse mellan -4 till +6.
  3. The Rolex Day-Date made its debut in 1956. Available only in 18 ct gold or platinum, it was the first wristwatch chronometer to display the date and the day of the week spelt out in full in windows on the dial

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  1. Rolex Day-Date - La Quintessenza dell'Orologio di Prestigio Scopri il Day-Date: la precisione, l'affidabilità, la leggibilità e l'estetica fuori dal comune fanno di questo modello l'orologio di prestigio per eccellenza
  2. Kopior Klockor - Rolex Day-Date 118238 kr 3,882.00 kr 1,454.25 Lägg i varukorg; Rea! Kopior Klockor - Rolex Day-Date 118238 kr 5,652.70 kr 1,445.01 Lägg i varukorg; Rea! Kopior Klockor - Rolex Day-Date 118139 kr 3,936.90 kr 1,456.14 Lägg i varukorg; Rea! Kopior Klockor - Rolex Day-Date 118206 kr 3,826.30 kr 1,500.66 Lägg i varukorg.
  3. The Rolex Day-Date is widely known as the presidents watch; From Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, Reagan, Nixon to Roosevelt, each of them was a proud wearer of the Rolex Day-Date.Since launched in 1956 and worn by many important and powerful people, the Rolex Day-Date President has remained as the brand's top of the line status watch, which is exclusively crafted in precious metals

Rolex Day-Date 40 on Chrono24.com. Daily new offers. In stock now. Safe favorite watches & buy your dream watc The Rolex Day Date watches are the crown jewels of the Rolex collection, and a longstanding icon worn by world leaders and the rich and famous. Introduced in 1956, the Day-Date made immediate waves as it was the first watch to spell out the full day of the week Rolex Day-Date Rolex Day-Date President 228238. Image: Bobswatches A true jewel and a power statement in every sense, the Rolex Day-Date debuted in 1956. It made history as the first waterproof and self-winding watch to showcase date and day, spelled in full

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Rolex DAY-DATE 40, REF 226206 PLATINUM WRISTWATCH WITH DAY, DATE AND BRACELET CIRCA 2017 LOT SOLD. CHF 35,000. Introduced in 1956, twelve years after Rolex pioneered the first self-winding wristwatch with a date display (the Datejust, another, humbler G.O.A.T.), the Day-Date upped the ante by—as the name implies—becoming the world's first. The Rolex Day-Date holds a very special and important place in Rolex's collection of watches. Originally launched as the Day-date, the model has come to acquire the nickname President or presidential

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Day-Date smooth bezel. Rolex 2002 Rolex Day-Date President 36mm 18K White Gold White... Rolex White Gold Day-Date Ref. 118239 with Mother of Pearl and... Rolex Day-Date 40/ 18k White Gold/ Meteorite Baguette Dial/... Rolex Day-Date II President 41mm Silver Diamond 18K White Gold.. 5 Reasons to Buy a Rolex Day-Date Available exclusively in 18-karat gold or platinum Date display and date written out in full Exclusive three-piece link President bracelet In-house caliber 3255 with a 70-hour power reserve A prestigious timepiece with the potential to appreciate in valu Rolex: Serie: Day-Date: Typ: Herrklocka, dressmodell: Diameter: Ø 36 mm: Tjocklek: 12 mm: Boett: 18 karat gult guld: Baksida boett: Solid: Armband: 18 karat gult guld, President: Urtavla: Champagnefärgad med självlysande markeringar indexmarkeringar, självlysande visare: Spänne: Viklås i 18 karat gult guld, Oysterclasp w. Easylink: Glas: Reyddat safirglas: Bezel (ring) Rolex Day-Date is the world's first wristwatch with a day-date function on the dial. Owning a Rolex Day-Date watch is the symbol of one's status. There are top quality Swiss Rolex Day-Date Replica Watches on www.swiss-clock.net Rolex Day-Date Watches 14 Matches Found. As a pioneering watchmaker, Rolex led the market from the front with its continuing technological triumphs. The 1956 Day-Date was one of those triumphs, being the first watch to feature self-changing day and date indicators

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  1. Rolex. Replica Rolex Day Date Ice Blue Dial Platinum Men's Watch 228396TBR 36MM. Rated 5.00 out of 5. $155.76. Add to Wishlist. Product added! Browse Wishlist. The product is already in the wishlist! Browse Wishlist
  2. With a broad choice in dial and bezel designs, the Rolex Day-Date appeals to every taste and can be worn by both men and women. The versatility of Rolex The Day-Date was one of the first wristwatches in history to provide not only the traditional date display (which is also incorporated in the Datejust), but also a display that indicates the day of the week written out in full
  3. The COSC certified Day-Date was the first watch to display the day of the week, without abbreviations, and the calendar date. First introduced in 1956, the Day-Date has continued to be one of the most popular and prestigious timepieces from Rolex, having been worn by more world dignitaries than any other model
  4. Rolex Day-Date ref. 118138 is fitted with a green dial and matching leather strap. To accompany the President bracelet and the Oyster bracelet, Rolex released a batch of new Day-Date watches in 2013 with, for the first time, colorful leather straps. Clearly inspired by the vintage Stella Day-Date watches with vibrant enamel dials from the.
  5. ence and historical significance
  6. Spara upp till 20% på Rolex klockor hos Uret.se. Officiell världsgaranti ingår på alla Rolex. Vi erbjuder Rolex ur Datejust, Daytona, Explorer, Submariner, Yacht Master & Sea Dweller serien. Räntefria köp

ROLEX DAY-DATE. The Oyster Perpetual Day-Date made its debut in 1956. Available only in 18 ct gold or platinum, it was the first calendar wristwatch to display the day - spelled out in full in a window on the dial - in addition to the date. With the President bracelet, created specially for it, the Day-Date embodies the essence of Rolex. Product description. Rolex Day-Date II watch, polished round yellow gold case (41mm diameter, 11mm thickness) with screw-down Triplock winding crown, fluted yellow gold bezel, yellow gold President bracelet with hidden fold-over Crownclasp, dial in your choice of colors, day calendar at 12 o'clock, date calendar at 6 o'clock, 31 jewel caliber 3156. Rolex Day Date Watches. Another Rolex beauty is the Rolex Day Date. It was first introduced to the world in 1956 and was the first waterproof, self-winding chronometer watch that had a modern calendar and day display. The Rolex Day Date offers a variety of features and comes in different options, but whichever Rolex Day Date you choose, you.

Prices of the Rolex Day-Date 40 start at CHF 33.200,- Swiss Francs for the yellow gold versions, CHF 35.800,- Swiss Francs for the Everose and white gold version and CHF 59.600,- Swiss Francs for the platinum model. In the end, I believe that with the Rolex Day-Date 40mm the classic 'Presidential' Rolex has returned and will find its way to. Rolex has used their in-house caliber 3255 in the Day-Date since 2015. This movement is protected by 14 patents. The manufacturer's engineers reworked and optimized more than 90% of the caliber's components. For example, they shrunk the barrel's thickness by 50%, thus making room for a higher-capacity spring Rolex Day-Date Replica with 18k Yellow Gold Plated Stainless Steel Gold Dial. The cases, which are 36 mm in diameter, are derived from solid 18k gold blocks and they have fluted casebacks screwed down using a special set of tools that are exclusive to Rolex watchmakers Rolex Day-date 118208 White Roman Numeral Dial Mens Automatic 36MM. Rated. 5.00. out of 5. $ 465.00 $ 130.99. -67%. Add to wishlist Add to wishlist. Compare Compare. Quick View Quick View Rolex stattete die Day-Date 36 bis zum Jahr 2019 mit dem Kaliber 3155 aus. Es wurde 1988 eingeführt und ist wie alle Rolex-Werke von der Contrôle officiel suisse des chronomètres (COSC) als Chronometer zertifiziert

At BaselWorld 2019, the Rolex Day-Date 36 finally got to catch up with its big brother, the Day-Date 40. For four years, those privileged with their eyes and wallets set at the Day-Date 36, had to wait for this high-prestige range to receive all those useful and impressive technical updates that the 40mm wide version had had all along The Rolex Day-Date launched in 1956, and gained its nickname as the President because it adorned the wrists of many U.S. Presidents. It's always made of a precious metal and is the de. The most recent version of the Day-Date (also commonly referred to as the Rolex President) is the Rolex Day-Date 40 reference 22823X series that includes the 18ct yellow gold reference 228238, the 18ct Everose gold reference 228235, the 18ct white gold reference 228239, and the smooth bezel 950 platinum reference 228206 Jag säljer en Rolex Day Date med referens 1803. Klockan är från 1976 och kommer utan några tillbehör. Klockan inklusive urverket gicks igenom av urmakare förra sommaren (utan anmärkning) och i samband med detta utfördes en täthetsservice

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The Day-Date 40 will replace the 41mm Day-Date II, but still sit alongside the 36mm Day-Date. Individually, the changes in the Day-Date 40 are all small, but taken as a whole they represent a significant upgrade to Rolex's flagship model. We reviewed an Everose version, but it's also available in platinum or yellow gold Best Rolex Day-Date Replica Swiss Watches Rolex Day-Date is a watch worn by the President, Captain of the Army, world stars and those who appreciate precious metal watches. This watch collection was born in 1956. And it was the first watch to display the full name of the date. An interesting historical story. On May 29, 1962, Marilyn Monroe gave an autographed gold Day-Date to President John F. 13. Rolex Day-Date: price starts from $34,500 (2021) The Rolex Day-Date is arguably the pinnacle of status symbol. It's one of the most expensive watches in Rolex's current collection and was worn by countless leaders and heads of State across the world

Retail prices for the Rolex Date start out at $6,500, while the least expensive Day-Date watch retails for $33,150. Additionally, while the vast majority of Rolex Date watches are constructed from stainless steel, the Rolex Day-Date is exclusively construed from precious metals NOTE: Hit the bell icon on our main channel page to get notified when we upload a new video [even if you're subscribed already].The Rolex Day-Date 40. A world first when launched in 1956, the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date is the first self-winding, waterproof chronometer wristwatch to dis... The watch of prestige

The generation of the prestigious Oyster Perpetual Day-Date unveiled at Baselworld 2015 features an updated design with a 40 mm case as well as a mechanical. Die Rolex Day-Date - auch als Rolex President bekannt - begeistert neben klassischem Design vor allem durch edle Materialien: Sie ist ausschließlich in 18-karätigem Gold oder in Platin erhältlich und wird nicht in Edelstahl produziert. Charakteristisch für die Day-Date ist die Anzeige des ausgeschriebenen Wochentages auf dem Zifferblatt Rolex Datejust Bästa kvalitet replika Klockor 4766 kr 8,580.26 kr 1,145.92; Rolex Day-Date bäst kvalitets- Replica Klockor 4811 kr 8,830.13 kr 1,145.92; Rolex Day-Date bäst kvalitets- Replica Klockor 4832 kr 8,830.13 kr 1,145.92; Rolex Daytona Ion pläterad Tachymeter Rose Gold Strap Rose Gold Dial 80.244 kr 8,162.06 kr 1,107.6

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Rolex Day-Date Platinum 118346 $ 225.00. Add to Wishlist. Daytona . Rolex Daytona Black 116520 $ 219.00. About us. Perfect Rolex provides clones of the latest as well as the classic Rolex watches, featuring ceramic bezels, high-quality Swiss movements, 1:1 markings and many more tweaks that makes Rolex the most luxurious watchmaking brand Rolex Day-Date. 1,799 likes. Rolex Oyster Perpetual - Timeless Luxury Watche Day-Date-imiteringsserien är mycket populär bland folk med högt mode och dess klockor och modesmak är eleganta. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Fake Datejust kom ut 1945 som den första klockan med en datumvisningsfunktion och hade en ledande position inom klockbranschen

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Rolex Day Date. The top-of-the-line Rolex Day-Date replica is a Swiss movement, assembled in Hong Kong. Whether it is timeless aesthetics or outstanding features, the fake rolex Day-Date is a classic example of a classic watch Rolex Day-Date bäst kvalitets- Replica Klockor 4811 kr 8,830.13 kr 1,145.92 Rolex Day-Date bäst kvalitets- Replica Klockor 4832 kr 8,830.13 kr 1,145.92 Rolex Daytona Ion pläterad Tachymeter Rose Gold Strap Rose Gold Dial 80.244 kr 8,162.06 kr 1,107.6 There are top quality Swiss Rolex Day-Date Replica Watches on www.swiss-clock.net. We present solid 360L SS, 18k rose gold or gold, two tone or diamond Day-Date replica models for you. Every detail, including the fluted bezel, anti-glare and scratch-proof sapphire crystal, screw-down crown and the screw-in case back all meet the standards of Swiss-made watches KRONS är stolt över att tillhöra det världsomspännande nätverket av officiella Rolex-återförsäljare, som får lov att sälja och utföra service på Rolex-klockor. Hos KRONS står vi till din tjänst och hjälper dig att välja den Rolex-klocka som passar dig bäst, utifrån ett brett urval av Rolex-ur

Great prices for Rolex Day-Date Oysterquartz on Chrono24.co.uk. More than 3,000 verified dealers worldwide. Large selection. Secure purchase Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 40 Replica: Platinum, Ice Blue-Chocolate (kopia/replika i stål med isblå urtavla) kr 1,999.00; Hublot kopia (replika) Classic Fusion Chronograph 42: RoséGuld kr 1,799.00; 2019-års modell Rolex Day-Date 36 Replica: Gold, Green-Diamond (kopia/replika i guld med grön urtavla) kr 1,990.0 Here at Watch Collectors, we offer a wide range of preowned/second-hand Rolex Day-Date watches available to view in our Mayfair, London showroom or to order online straight to the comfort of your door. We offer a 14 Days Money Back Guarantee and a 24 Months Warranty on all our watches. Additionally, we buy, sell & part-exchange Rolex watches Home Rolex Daydate Rolex Day-Date bäst kvalitets- Replika Klockor 4809. Rea! Rolex Day-Date bäst kvalitets- Replika Klockor 4809. kr 1,688.98 kr 1,145.92. Kön: Män Klockor Diameter: 44 x 36 mm Rörelse: Kinetisk (Automatisk) Lägg i varukorg

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Nel 2008 Rolex ha risposto con il Day-Date II. La sua cassa misura 41 mm, dunque 5 mm in più rispetto al Day-Date 36. Oltre alle dimensioni, il Day-Date II presenta un'altra novità: il calibro 3156. È dotato della spirale blu Parachrom e del dispositivo antiurto Paraflex, che lo rende insensibile ai campi magnetici, agli sbalzi di temperatura e alle scosse Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Rolex Day-Date (President) Men's Black Watch with President Bracelet - 118238 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Rolex Day-Date, the first wristwatch displaying the date and week spelt out in full on the dial, is regarded as the embodiment of prestige. Since launched, Replica Swiss Rolex Day-Date continues to be the watch par excellence of influential people. You can find many presidential day-date with full diamonds or gold, sized in Day-Date 36mm & Day-Date II 40mm While the Rolex Date and Datejust display the date of the month through a window at the 3 o'clock location, the Rolex Day-Date also displays the day of the week (spelled out in full) through a window at the 12 o'clock location. Additionally, the Rolex Day-Date is only ever crafted from either solid 18k gold or 950 platinum

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The Rolex Day-Date in 40mm is basically a larger version of the classic 36mm Day-Date where the 41mm Day-Date II was just a different type of watch. Not only did Rolex put more effort into the design of the Day-Date, they also updated the movement ROLEX DAY-DATE The ultimate watch of prestige. The Rolex Day-Date made its debut in 1956. Available only in 18 kt gold or platinum, it was the first wristwatch chronometer to display the date and the day of the week spelled out in full in windows on the dial To paraphrase Alton Brown's remarks about boiling lobsters alive, wearing a gold Rolex Day-Date comes with a certain amount of philosophical baggage. All Rolexes probably do to some extent (maybe not so much the Princes and Cellinis, which, though undoubtedly luxurious and fantastic qualitatively, are truly under-the-radar, especially by Rolex standards) and as we've discussed before here.

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ROLEX DAY-DATE. The Oyster Perpetual Day-Date made its debut in 1956. Available only in 18 ct gold or platinum, it was the first calendar wristwatch to display the day - spelled out in full in a window on the dial - in addition to the date Find pre-owned Rolex Day-Date on Chrono24.co.uk. Over 3,000 verified dealers worldwide. Secure purchases with Buyer Protectio Top-Angebote für Rolex Day-Date Armbanduhren für Herren online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswah A little less over-the-top, Rolex is also offering a newly designed Day-Date 36 with fully set case, dial and bezel. It stands out by its touch of colour, which is a new thing for them. The Roman numerals are made of enamel (an extremely rare technique in the Rolex dial workshops)

Rolex President 18k Gold Ref 18038 at Bob's WatchesBuy Used Rolex President 218238CDP | Bob's Watches - SkuROLEX, DAY-DATE TIGER EYE, REF

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Description : Rolex Day-Date yellow gold with black dial. A fine, self-winding, 18K yellow gold wristwatch with day and date function. Brand Rolex. Model Day-Date. Reference 1802. Year Circa 1962. Calibre 1555. Case No. 853627. Bracelet Rolex President bracelet in yellow gold 18kt approx overall length 180mm Kopior Klockor - Rolex Day-Date 118135 kr 4,103.10 kr 1,456.14 Lägg i varukorg; Rea! Kopior Klockor - Rolex Yacht-Master kr 4,767.00 kr 1,500.66 Lägg i varukorg; Rea! Kopior Klockor - Rolex Datejust 116233 kr 4,213.60 kr 1,502.13 Lägg i varukorg; Rea! Kopior Klockor - Rolex Deepsea 116660 kr 4,324.90 kr 1,490.27 Lägg i varukorg; Rea

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The Day-Date 40 is available only in gold or platinum, and it has what some consider to be Rolex's most enduringly classic design. Yes, some watch enthusiasts might argue that their most iconic design is the Submariner—but given that mainstream audiences tend to recognize the Day-Date and Datejust more readily, that honor should be given to the Rolex President With the Rolex Day-Date 40 Green Emerald, we are looking at a combination of diamonds and emeralds, so let us briefly discuss how Rolex chooses and applies stones for use in such high-jewelry pieces. As for color, Rolex says it only sets superior quality diamonds in the colorless category Rolex introduced the Day-Date President in 1956. It was the first watch to feature the day of the week written in full at 12 o'clock along with the date window at 3 o'clock. And it came on the iconic 'President' bracelet which, till date, is made only in precious metals which is Gold and Platinum 6 Rolex Day-Date for sale What Makes Rolex Watches Special? You want a Rolex watch, even if they don't know why. Welcome to the allure of the most powerful watch brand on the planet Rolex is presenting three gem-set, colourful versions of its Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36. Made from 18 ct yellow gold, 18 ct white gold and 18 ct Everose gold, these new watches are swathed in diamonds and fitted with a polished leather strap

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The Oyster Perpetual Day-Date made its debut in 1956. Available only in 18 ct gold or platinum, it was the first calendar wristwatch to display the day spelt out in full in a window on the dial in addition to the date. With the President bracelet, created specially for it, the Day-Date embodies the essence of Rolex prestige and excellence The Day-Date II is a contemporary take on a Rolex classic. Introduced in 2008, it makes an unmistakable visual statement on the wrist. Like its predecessor, the Rolex President II is worn by the most influential figures on the world stage The Rolex Day-Date President (18038) is a watch model from the Rolex brand and Day-Date collection. The average price of a Rolex 18038 on the private sales market is $13,812, while you can expect to pay $17,318 from a gray market dealer The ultimate watch of prestige Rolex Day-Date The Rolex Day-Date made its debut in 1956. Available only in 18 kt gold or platinum, it was the first wristwatch chronometer to display the date and the day of the week spelt out in full in windows on the dial. With the President bracelet, originally created specially for it, the Day-Date continues to be the watch par excellence of influential people

Products. Breitling Avenger Seawolf E17370 44mm Titanium And Black Dial For Men Watch $ 194.22 $ 128.79; Hublot Big Bang 301.Qx.1740.Gr Carbon-fiber And Black Dial For Men Watch $ 189.66 $ 127.45; Omega De Ville 433. Stainless Steel And Silver For Men Watch $ 192.33 $ 128.45; Swiss Rolex Day Date 228238 Yellow Gold Bracelet 40mm For Men Watch $ 189.55 $ 128.5 Rolex Replica Day-Date Gold Gold Dial 36mm 18238. US$ 127.28 US$ 144.87 Add to car ROLEX SERVICE THE HEART OF THE DAY-DATE MODELS SETTING THE WATCH Screwed-down position (position 0) The crown is completely screwed down against the case. When the crown is in this position, the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date is guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 100 metres (330 feet) Populära samlingar inkluderar Air-King, Cellini, Cosmograph Daytona, Datejust, Day-Date, Explorer, GMT-Master II, Milgauss, Pearlmaster, Deepsea, Sky-Dweller, Submariner och Yacht-Master. Leta efter en som kommer att bli en integrerad del av ditt dagliga slitage

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