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Gingival Plastic Surgery Defective oral hygiene can lead to various diseases of the teeth and gums. In the case of gum disease, the first symptom is always inflammation, which can be graded at various levels depending upon the level of bacterial aggression and the body's response to the infection Gingival Plastic. The beauty of a smile does not depend only on the teeth, the harmony of the lips and gums are also fundamental. Published by administrator. Feb. 02, 201 För allmän information om gingival retraktion, se separat faktablad: Gingival retraktion BEHANDLING Gingival retraktion kan behandlas med kirurgi, s.k. parodontal plastikkirurgi, för att återskapa eller förbättra den förlorade mjukvävnaden [1]. Observera att fullständig rottäckning inte alltid är behandlingsmålet, utan de primära behandlingsmålen torde vara baserade på.

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Gengiva is named after the italian word for Gum or Gingiva. It is an istrument that has the characteristic of having strong plastic interchangeable tips, making them modificable and disposable Det finns ett flertal tekniker som kan övervägas för behandling av gingivala retraktioner. De vanligaste är: Koronalförskjuten lambå enbart eller med emdogain eller med membran. Splittade lambåer i kombination med fria transplantat gingival plastikkirurgi är det namn som ges till den gingivala rekonstruktiv kirurgi, för att täcka exponerade rötter, tjocklek ökas i fallet av tunna gummin (som även kan visas strömavbrott på grund av tappen eller rötter behandlade kanal) Periodontal plastic surgery is defined as the surgical procedures performed to correct or eliminate anatomic, developmental, or traumatic deformities of the gingiva or alveolar mucosa. Periodontal plastic surgery include only the surgical procedure of mucogingival therapy. 3

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  1. Root coverage in single type gingival recession defects is a very predictable outcome following the use of various surgical techniques. The coronally advanced flap, with or without connective tissue grafting, is the technique of choice. The adjunctive use of connective tissue grafts improves the probability of achieving complete root coverage
  2. Gingivalplastik. Die Zähne mögen an der Ästhetik des Lächelns die Hauptrolle spielen, wir sollten aber nicht vergessen, dass das Zahnfleisch ebenso wichtig ist! Die Gingivalplastik ist eine revolutionäre und zugleich sehr konervative Technik der ästhetischen Parodontologie
  3. Gingival Margin Stability After Mucogingival Plastic Surgery. The Effect of Manual Versus Powered Toothbrushing: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Gingival Margin Stability After Mucogingival Plastic Surgery. The Effect of Manual Versus Powered Toothbrushing: A Randomized Clinical Trial

The synonyms of gingival mask are flange prosthesis, gingival veneer, gingival veneer prosthesis, gingival replacement unit, and artificial gingiva. This case report describes the use of a silicon gingival veneer to hide the deformities in a young female patient with a successful follow-up of 2 years Periodontal plastic surgery would accordingly be defined as surgical procedures performed to prevent or correct anatomic, developmental, traumatic or disease-induced defects of the gingiva. Dr Kuljeet Mehta is the Specialist Periodontist, practices a full scope of periodontics with expertise ranging from dental implants to cosmetic periodontal s.. Սույն կապպայի նշանակությունը հետևյսլն է՝ լնդի էսթետրիկ վիրահատություն։ Այն արվում է ատամների վիրտուալ. Gingival recession within the esthetic zone is a primary disruptor of these properties and often must be corrected if an esthetic smile is to be achieved. Periodontal plastic therapeutic surgical techniques are the clinician's tools for correcting such defects. Many surgical protocols have been described to achieve root coverage successfully

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Keywords: Connective tissue graft, gingival recession, palatal gingival recession, periodontal plastic surgery. How to cite this article: Dhruvakumar D, Srivastava P. Palatal gingival recession treated with connective tissue graft. Int J Oral Health Sci 2013;3:98-100 Esthetics gingival plastic surgery is designed to restore the form and function of the gum tissue. The long term goal of esthetic gingival plastic surgery is to increase the life expectancy of the teeth and their usefulness. Esthetics gingival surgery removes tissue that has been transformed from periodontal disease an Periodontal plastic surgery. Giovanni Zucchelli. Search for more papers by this author. Ilham Mounssif. Search for more papers by this author. Root coverage in single type gingival recession defects is a very predictable outcome following the use of various surgical techniques Gingival recession can be treated with various surgi-cal procedures, and root coverage can be obtained irrespec-tive of the surgical approach adopted. Keywords: gingival recession, surgery, soft tissue graft INTRODUCTION Gingival recession is an apical shift of the gingival margin with exposure of the root surface to the oral cavity

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  1. Zu den oralchirurgischen Maßnahmen gehört auch die Modellation des Zahnfleischs - der Gingiva. Erfahren Sie mehr zur so genannten Gingivaplastik
  2. Gingival (Gum Tissue) Grafting When the area to be treated primarily involves the gum tissue, this is called gingival grafting or gingival plastic surgery. We can place or replace gum tissue to improve esthetics, help alleviate sensitivity caused by exposed root surfaces, and repair areas where the loss of gum tissue is compromising the health and longevity of teeth
  3. Various periodontal plastic procedures are available for treatment of localized gingival recessions. However, in the mirage of newer techniques and materials available, it is difficult for clinicians to decide on the treatment modality. Pioneering techniques provide a cost effective and effective means of maintaining esthetics in recession cases
  4. Periodontal plastic surgery includes only the surgical procedures of mucogingival therapy (see Video 63-1: Periodontal Plastic and Esthetic Surgery). This chapter discusses the periodontal plastic surgical techniques included in the traditional definition of mucogingival surgery: (1) widening of attached gingiva (2) deepening of shallow vestibules, and (3) resection of the aberrant frena

The images used by Pithon were created that the various lengths of gingiva were removed from the maxillary teeth to simulate the feasible outcome of gingival plastic surgery with crown lengthening. The eight photographs were composed of removing 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5 mm of maxillary gingival height and the original one [Figure 1] Gingival grafting, also called gum grafting or periodontal plastic surgery, is a generic term for the performance of any of a number of periodontal surgical procedures in which the gum tissue is grafted.The aim may be to cover exposed root surfaces or merely to augment the band of keratinized tissue A CO2 laser's function is almost the same as the scalpel. Dental CO2 lasers are used to remove soft tissue lesions inside the mouth. Dental Carbon Dioxide lasers are ideal for clinical applications like Fibroma excision, Gingivectomy, Frenectomy, Implant placement, and Aphthous ulcers to name just a few. Benefits include precision cutting and vaporization, coagulation [ LM-Gingival Retractors are used with LM-Gengiva instrument. The blue plastic working ends adapt tightly to the gingival margin in different teeth. Gingival retractors - retract the gingiva from the restoration - hardness of the plastic tip allows a strong retraction - the plastic tips allow certain flexibility for more adaptation while.

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  1. Objective: The aim of the this study was to evaluate the perception of smile esthetics and alterations in cases of gingival plastic surgery for correction of a gummy smile, by means of alterations in smile photograph among dentistry degree students. Materials and Methods: A frontal smile photograph of a 40-year-old woman having normal occlusion was used with diverse compositions of gingival.
  2. Keywords: Connective tissue graft, gingival recession, palatal gingival recession, periodontal plastic surgery. How to cite this article: Dhruvakumar D, Srivastava P. Palatal gingival recession treated with connective tissue graft. Int J Oral Health Sci 2013;3:98-100
  3. Gingival retractors protect tissue during cavity preparations and placement of composite restorations. The working end has a concave crescent shape that conforms to root surfaces and gingival tissues. These dental instruments are also useful for placement of rubber dams around the cervical margins of teeth
  4. plastic surgery (RCPPS) procedures. There were 48 RCTs in the review. Of these, the authors assessed one as at low risk of bias, 12 as at high risk of bias and 35 as at unclear risk of bias. The results indicated a greater reduction in gingival recessio
  5. The aim of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to compare the use of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) with other commonly utilized treatment modalities for root coverage procedures. The eligibility criteria comprised randomized controlled trials (RCTs) comparing the performance of PRF with that of other modalities in the treatment of Miller class I or II (Cairo RT I) gingival recessions


  1. For establishing optimum working conditions for procedures at the gum line. Blue Disposable. Three sizes LM 7502 S for incisors, circa 60 pcs / package LM 7504 M for premolars, circa 6
  2. A gum graft is a procedure to treat receding gums. It is a simple process that does not take long to do. The recovery period is typically a few weeks and usually involves eating soft or cold foods.
  3. If permanent gingival defects resulted from the injury, periodontal plastic surgery may be necessary. Conclusions: A variety of chemical, physical, and thermal injuries may involve the gingiva. Accidental and iatrogenic injuries are often acute and self‐limiting, while factitious injuries tend to be more chronic in nature

Gingival depigmentation is a periodontal plastic or esthetic surgical procedure whereby the gingival hyperpigmentation is removed or reduced by various techniques Micro-Plastic Surgery. Gingival Grafting Microsurgery. Gum recession is one of the most common forms of gum disease that a patient can see without the help of their dentist. This common problem is one of the more reversible problems seen in our practice A hypertrophic frenum, or one with an aberrant attachment near the free gingival margin, may be associated with gingival recession. In these cases, treatment is directed at the reconstruction of the attached gingiva and not at the frenum per se. Treatment options consist of periodontal plastic surgery, such as a free gingival graft with vestibular extension or a connective tissue graft The aim of the present article is to summarize current knowledge in terms of the etiology, diagnosis, prognosis and surgical treatment of gingival recession. Whilst the main etiological factors (i.e. toothbrushing trauma and bacterial plaque) are well established, challenges still remain to be solved in the diagnostic, prognostic and classification processes of gingival recession, especially.

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Gingival recession can be corrected using pedicle grafts but careful case selection is essential for complete root coverage. To ensure success of periodontal plastic surgery several patient and. Gingival plastic surgery is indicated in cases of very large gums (gingival smile), retractions (when the gingiva moves and exposes the root) - gingival recoating, in cases where the gingiva has little thickness, is very thin and ends up getting stained or aesthetically unwanted contours

Gingival Plastic Surgery. To enhance lost gingiva, or to remove the excess of visible gum. Gingival grafts can be used in teeth and in implants. Improves esthetics and reduces cold sensitivity. A thicker gum is more stable in the long term. Grafts to cover exposed root This article describes how periodontal plastic surgery can remodel the attachment apparatus, reestablish the correct biologic width, eliminate the excessive show of gingiva, and expose the correct dimensions of teeth. Apically repositioned flaps with osseous recontouring can restore gingival health and the esthetic parameters of the smile line. Gingivectomy may be recommended as a treatment for gum disease or other damage to your gums. It may also be used electively for aesthetic reasons. Learn what to expect from this procedure

Gingival Margin Stability After Mucogingival Plastic Surgery. The Effect of Manual Versus Powered Toothbrushing: A Randomized Clinical Tria Periodontal plastic and mucogingival surgery and gingival recessionThe most significant factors causing gingival recession are considered to be periodontal disease and improper oral hygiene measures, along with some predisposing factors such as thin gingiva, a prominent root surface, buccally positioned teeth, frenum pull and bone dehiscences (88).Tissue augmentation to prevent or arrest the. alterations. These may be caused by gingival recession, often in association with abrasion and/or root caries or, conversely, altered passive eruption. The aims of mucogingival esthetic surgery may also be to increase gingival width and height around prostheses or implants and to fill out edentulous ridges. UStoMED Papilla elevator, 17,5 cm, Mod.

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This dental implant and gingival- plastic surgery centre is located in Bournemouth in Dorset. Specialist oral surgical procedures and surgical placement of dental implants are performed at the clinic. Surgical procedures performed include single implants, multiple implants,. Cronicon OPEN ACCESS EC DENTAL SCIENCE Case Report Periodontal Plastic Surgery: Treating Gingival Recession with Coronally Displaced Flaps Pooja Wadkar1*, Preeti Shetty2, Devanand Shetty3, Suyog Dharmadhikari 4, Samruddhi Pol and Akansha Sonawane1 1Assistant Professor, Department of Periodontics and Oral Implantology, D.Y Patil University, School of Dentistry, Navi Mumbai From January 2005 to December 2008, socket sealing surgery was performed in 24 patients, and 25 implants were placed. All implants were successful in the follow-up period. In the palatal gingival graft group, the mean marginal bone loss was 1.17 mm during the mean follow-up period of 81.0 months Enamel renal syndrome (ERS) is a rare recessive disorder caused by loss-of-function mutations in FAM20A (family with sequence similarity 20 member A, OMIM #611062). Enamel renal syndrome is characterized by amelogenesis imperfecta, delayed or failed tooth eruption, intrapulpal calcifications, gingival overgrowth and nephrocalcinosis. Although gingival overgrowth has consistently been.

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Adjunctive therapies, including periodontal plastic surgery, are recommended to optimize gingival contours for restorative treatment in the presence of severe gingival deformity [2]. The gingival zenith (GZ) is defined as the most apical point of the marginal gingival scallop, however, its quantitative orientation in the apico-coronal (AC) and mesio-distal (MD) directions has not been reported. Gingival Augmentation Periodontal plastic surgery is gaining attention among dental patients, and it is incumbent for all dentists to be familiar with functional, structural, and cosmetic indications. Robert A. Horowitz, DDS. Many dental patients are interested in preserving and optimizing their overall physical health

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The field of plastic periodontal surgery has made enormous strides in the last 20 years. It includes creating or regenerating lost or damaged gingival (gum) tissues. Grafting techniques have been devised both to create and augment zones of attached gingival (gum) tissue where none exists, and to cover exposed root surfaces Improvement of gingival display ranged from 71.93% to 98%. Detailed injection techniques, product preparation, amount of botulinum toxin used per treated side, gingival exposure measurements, improvement percentages, short-term adverse events, and treatment longevity are reported in Table 1

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LM-Gingival Retractors are used with LM-Gengiva instrument. The blue plastic working ends adapt tightly to the gingival margin in different teeth. Scan the QR code to study the full case. Benefits of LM-Gingival Retractors • The plastic tips allow certain flexibility to get better adaptation • Perfect contrast with soft tissue Veja grátis o arquivo 2 Perception gingival plastic European enviado para a disciplina de Ortodontia Interceptora Categoria: Outro - 7404940 Gingiva Former (TA) - Plastic. Gingiva Former Abutments; Platform seated abutment for easy manipulation; Two-piece gingival former in peek and 1.5° taper for use with screw; PEEK can be easily adjusted chairside for custom tissue healing; Available in multiple heights and diameters; Variable: Gingival height: 2.0 - 4.0 - 6.0 mm; Torque.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery Procedures. Periodontists are often considered the plastic surgeons of dentistry. If you are looking to improve your smile, a periodontist may be able to help. Gummy Smile or Uneven Gum Line Gingival hyperplasia can be painful and can affect your oral health.One of the more common characteristics of this condition is having red, bleeding gums.. Other symptoms associated with gum.

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Gingival recession is a common condition in the adult population and is related to several undesirable conditions such as unaesthetic appearance, root caries, and hypersensitivity. Periodontal plastic surgery is now an important tool in the armamentarium of the clinician treating gingival recessions, and practitioners at all levels will find this book to be an invaluable source of guidance At 60 days, gingival recovery and new gingival sulcus were observed, indicating that the conditions were ideal for continuing the aesthetic treatment. Periodontal plastic surgery combined with restorative procedures, when indicated, can yield excellent aesthetic results GINGIVAL RECESSION. Miller. 3. has classified gingival recession into four categories (Table 1). These cat-egories can be used to assess the reces-sion defect present and predict the possible outcome of any periodontal plastic sur-gery procedure which would aim to cover the recession defect and restore aesthet-ics Gingival fibroblast monolayers did not show any changes in shape within 72 h, neither on plastic (N = 5) (a) nor on collagen membranes (N = 5) (c). Gingival fibroblast monolayers were metabolically active over the 72 h observation period when seeded on plastic ( N = 3) ( b ) or collagen membranes ( N = 3) ( d ), as shown in relative fluorescence units

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Excessive gingival display while smiling is a concern for many patients, affecting both esthetics and psychosocial behavior . Excessive gingival display, also described as gummy smile (GS), has been observed in 7% of men and 14% of women in the age group 20-30 years periodontal plastic surgery therapy in each specific case. Surgical procedures with connective-tissue grafts, taken mainly from the palate, are the gold standard in gingival recession treatment. The aim of this paper is to present the step-by-step post-orthodontic therapy treatment of a case of gingival recession and its long-term evaluation

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Periodontal plastic surgery: gingival recession coverage with a xenogenic collagen matrix. Lead: Francesco Cirillo The American Academy of Periodontology defines the gingival recession as the displacement of marginal tissue apical to the cemento-enamel junction (CEJ). The most common factors. along the crest of buccal marginal gingival. Sectional plastic impression tray was loaded with manipulated putty and positioned in mouth for 5 minutes (Figure 6). The magic foam material got removed from the sulcus along with the removal of the putty from mouth and resulted in a wide-open sulcus along with a dry field ready to make the impression Gingival recessions seem to have no connection with orthodontic treatment or possibly a negative connection at Department of Orthodontics, Malmö University. It is based on limited data though and not conclusive. Study with larger group of patients would be needed

The aim of this study is to investigate three-dimensional quantitative analysis of buccal augmented tissue alterations after surgery using a modified coronally advanced tunnel (MCAT) technique combined with a de-epithelialized gingival graft (DGG) within 1 year post-op, based on intraoral scanning. 25 Cairo class I gingival recession defects were treated using an MCAT technique with DGG Using Gum Surgery or Gingival Plastic Surgery to Enhance a Smile Following conservative gingival plastic surgery. Prior to conservative gingival plastic surgery. It may sound complicated, but gum surgery or gingival plastic surgery can be an easy and comfortable procedure! In our Grand Junction office we use either a diode laser or electro-surgery to carefully remove tissue to complete the gum. Effectiveness of various periodontal plastic surgery (PPS) techniques such as free gingival grafting, subepithelial connective tissue grafting (SCTG), coronally advanced flap and guided tissue regeneration in the treatment of recession-type defects has been reported in several trials.[2,3] Walters et al. stated that total excision of the lesion in the maxillary anterior region can result in an. Gingival Graft a Gingival graft refers to a number of surgical procedures performed to cover exposed roots caused by a receding gum line. Pedicle grafts are performed by pulling the gum back down and covering the exposed root Gingival Plastic Surgery & Ceramics. Gingival plastic on natural teeth; Gingival Plastic Surgery & Ceramics; Dental Implants. Rigenerazione guidata dell'osso; Impianti Dentali; Winning the Nobel Biocare Competition, Rimini 20 ottobre 2012; Ortodonzia. Adulti; Adolescenti; Bambini; Lingual

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