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The K21 next-generation infantry fighting vehicle (NIFV) has been developed for the Republic of Korea (ROK) Army to replace the existing K200 series infantry fighting vehicles. It is an amphibious vehicle fitted with a turret-mounted 40mm cannon K21 (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) Unlike the infantry transport armored vehicle K200, the K21 infantry fighting vehicle is literally the infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) that introduced the concept of transport for infantry troops with combat capability. It features 20% lighter weight and 50% lower price competitiveness than other countries K21 K21 in Seoul Air Show Type Infantry fighting vehicle: Place of origin Republic of Korea Service history In service 2009-present Production history Designed 1999-2008 Manufacturer Doosan DST Produced 2009-present Specifications Weight 25 tonnes Length 6.9 Width 3.4 m Height 2.6 m Crew 3 crew + 9 passenger The K21 IFV is fully amphibious with minimum of preparation. It uses automatic built-in flotation bags in order to stay afloat. These floatation bags are activated, before entering the water. On water this armored vehicle is propelled by its tracks. Speed on water is 6 km/h. This allows the K-21 IFV to cross lakes and rivers

The South Korean IFV began service in 2009 and it is expected that several hundred of the type will eventually be procured. Serial production is being handled by Doosan DST of South Korea. Outwardly, the 27.5-ton K21 showcases a conventional arrangement with a basic hull design lacking a notable superstructure to promote the shallowest possible profile The IFV will provide superior mobility and complete protection against ballistic, mine and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats. The Redback IFV is an advanced version of the K21 IFV, which is in service with the South Korean Army (ROK Army) Many IFVs submitted to the Land 400 trials were downgraded from their original cannons. Hanwha's submission, the Redback is a variant of the K21 IFV, which uses the K40 40mm cannon in South Korean service. Similarly, the BAE submission is a variant of the British Ajax, which uses a cased-telescoped 40mm cannon

K21-huset. En ära i att producera kvalitet in i minsta detalj och att ge beställaren trygghet genom hela processen. Läs mer om k21 . Indikator. Denna byggnad rymmer dels ett kontor för Indikator där det görs dataanalyser och undersökningar, dels en Hiltibutik som säljer verktyg The K21 IFV weighs some 25 tons, has a crew of 3 men (commander, gunner and driver) and can carry up to 9 troops with equipment. Its armor is made of military grade aluminum along with some fiberglass and ceramic composite elements The K21 IFV has achieved a high localization rate and is expanding the line-up into 105mm turret loaded medium tanks and medium recovery vehicle. It is the top-of-the-line armored fighting vehicle. It is designed to effectively defeat other IFVs as heavily armed and armored as the BMP-3.Subscribe Now - ⚔️ https://goo.gl/pY8ZSL ⚔️-----.. The South Korean K21 Next Infantry Fighting Vehicle (NIFV), was developed in South Korea to replace the ageing KIFV. Development commenced in 1999. Eventuall..

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  1. The K21-105 is cheaper and more strategically and tactically mobile comparing with main battle tanks. Also is cheaper to produce and to maintain comparing with main battle tanks. Earlier, in 2013, a prototype light tank, based on the K-21 IFV has been revealed. It was developed by the same companies
  2. [Weapons Of World Original Contents. All rights reserved by Weapons Of World.
  3. g in under 26 tonnes. It's even amphibious
  4. The Korean K21 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Background South Korea had built in the thousands since 1985, a vehicle based on the LP Armoured IFV, (which was an upgraded M113) designated the K-200 KAFV. The K-200 was/is not a true Infantry Fighting Vehicle, that is it lacks the offensive firepower to tackle other IFV's and has no anti-tank capability such as an Anti-Tank Missile launcher
  5. Tier 8 Premium AFV. This fast Korean IFV with powerful armament will be available for Gold directly in the game. With its excellent mobility, it is the perfect tool for delivering infantry right where it needs to be
  6. Doosan incorporated the MAN D2848T engine into the K200 under a license-production deal and assimilated its technology using domestic components, a reverse-engineering experience that would prove instrumental in the development of its next IFV, the K21. S&T Dynamics was the licensee subcontractor for the Allison Transmission X200-5K gearbox
  7. So, in 2003, Seoul awarded a $77 million contract for the development of a new IFV called the K21. It's arguably one of the best in the world. *** In many respects,.

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  1. K21 IFV; Roll over image to zoom in. K21 IFV. SKU: SK5. AFV IFV Modern South Korea 1:285/6mm Scale. Price: $11.95 / Quantity: Add to cart.
  2. At DX Korea 2018 Defense Exhibition in South Korea, South Korean army (ROK) and Defense Industry present light tracked armoured vehicles, including the K2..
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  4. The South Korean K-21 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) is a vehicle that was developed for the Republic of Korea in order replace the K200 series (IFV).It is comparable to vehicles such as the Bradley M2 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) since it is armed with 2 ATGM, is heavily armoured and carries a primary armament of higher caliber in comparison to the Bradley
  5. The IFV is armed with 30mm MK30-2 ABM (Air Burst Munition), a coaxially mounted MG4 5.56mm light machine gun and SPIKE LR (EuroSpike) guided missile system. The vehicle is powered by a ten-cyllinder 800kW engine, which offers a maximum speed of 70km/h and range of about 600km. K21 IFV
  6. The K21 designers learned from other recent IFV designs and attempted to improve on their best characteristics. The K21 costs less than $4 million each. But the K21 is not expected to have much more protection from roadside bombs than the M2

K21 is a South Korean tracked infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) in service with the Republic of Korea Army. K21 IFV was formerly designated K300 or XK21 KNIFV (Korea Next-generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle), and was developed to replace the older South Korean K200-series infantry fighting vehicles and armoured personnel carriers The South-Korean K21 IFV definitely belongs to the latter group. The K21 was developed in the 2000s to replace the K200 Korean Infantry Fighting Vehicle series. Despite its long name, the K200 was a little more than a kitted M113 with some additional bits, making it much more an APC than a true IFV and the K21 came to change that k21 ifv - 5/pk - sk5 Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name Require

The K21 IFV is fully amphibious with minimum of preparation. Floatation bags are activated, before entering the water. On water this armored vehicle is propelled by it's tracks. Details. Date Sep 22nd, 2012. By Delta33. Size 1024×632 Views 1,644 (1 today) Options. URL. Embed. Embed Thumb. Share. Explor Sinking IFV Mystery Solved. by. James Dunnigan. December 18, 2010. A board of inquiry in South Korea found that design defects were the cause of two new K21s (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) sinking while engaged in amphibious operations. The K21 entered service in November, 2009, and one sank the next month, and another last July August 2018 - Hanwha is offering a version of its K21 IFV to Australia to satisfy the Infantry Fighting Vehicle requirement of the LAND 400 Phase 3. The vehicle was unveiled at the 2018 Earth Forces exhibition Dardo IFV and K21 are connected through Tulpar (IFV), K21, Bionix AFV and more. Israeli IFV, Heavy IFV, Israeli M113, Merkava IFV, Israeli Armored Vehicles, Israeli Namer, Eitan IFV, Eitan AFV, Israel Apc, Namer IFV 30Mm Gun, Israeli Armor, Apc Tank, Israeli Achzarit, Apc Armored Personnel Carrier, IDF Vehicles, Wheeled IFV, Spz Puma, Military Armored Vehicles, Puma Fighting Vehicle, Israeli Sherman Tank Variants, Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Infantry Combat Vehicles.

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Weapons similar to or like K21. Weapons similar to or like. K21. Currently called the K21. Wikipedia. Puma (IFV) German infantry fighting vehicle designed to replace the aging Marder IFVs currently in service with the German Army. Scheduled for completion by August 2020. Wikipedia Later a similar K21-105 light tank was introduced. It was developed by the same companies. It is a combination of the K21 IFV with an older CT-CV 105 HP turret, armed with a 105 mm gun. Can't find what you're looking for? Please Read. Top 10 Main Battle Tanks. Top 10. Winning: Lynx Versus Redback Deathmatch. August 15, 2020: South Korea has finally found a likely export customer for its new K21 IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle). Australia is holding a competition for a new IFV and the finalists are the K21 variant, the 42 ton AS-21 Redback and the German Lynx. Both vehicles are similar tracked IFVs

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Kurganets-25 IFV: Bumerang-BM remote weapon station turret with 30 mm automatic cannon 2A42, 9M133 Kornet-EM anti-tank missiles, and PKT 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun or AU-220M Baikal remote weapon station with 57mm BM-57 autocannon and 7.62mm PKMT machine gun Bumerang APC: 12.7 mm machine gun remote turret Kurganets-25 APC: 12.7 mm Kord machine gu The K21-105 is cheaper and more strategically and tactically mobile comparing with main battle tanks. Also is cheaper to produce and to maintain comparing with main battle tanks. Earlier, in 2013, a prototype light tank, based on the K-21 IFV has been revealed South Korean K21 IFV conducting river crossing exercise. Manufactured by Doosan Defense Systems and Technology, the K21 IFV is not only a well armed IFV..

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The company makes the South Korean army's latest armored personnel carrier, the K21, which entered service in 2009. Like the planned OMFV for the U.S. Army, the 11-year-old K21 is an infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) designed to carry infantry into battle under armored protection, provide them supporting fire once they dismount to assault on foot, and destroy other mid-weight armored vehicles Republic of Korea to receive land navigation systems for K21 IFV from Northrop Grumman . 12:00 AM, March 23, 2009; 263 K21 IFV - Republic of Korea Army. Saved by Centurion. 4. World Of Tanks Military Vehicles Korea Army Hardware Modern. K21 IFV - Republic of Korea Army. Saved by Centurion. 3. Military Vehicles Korea Army Modern Gi Joe.

21.02.2016 - K21 IFV (South Korean Army) The K21 IFV is a next-generation infantry fighting vehicle developed around the strategic concept of 'boarded battle'. It is fitted with modular add-on armour and composite or spaced laminated armour for protection against 30mm APDS munitions, 14.5mm AP rounds, and artillery shell fragments. The K21 features a two-man turret mounting a 40mm cannon, a 7. K21 firing its 40mm cannon, shell caught on the camera.jpg 740 × 552; 627 KB. Keyboard of k21.jpg 743 × 494; 52 KB. Rear view from the driver's seat.jpg 743 × 494; 57 KB. Soldiers from 20th Mechanized division disembarking from K21 IFV.jpg 740 × 493; 164 KB. South Korean K21 passenger room.jpg 743 × 494; 73 KB Uploaded by user. Armored Truck. K21 IFV - Republic of Korea Arm The suspension is similar to that of the K21 IFV and the operational range is around 520 km. Click the image to open a larger version. The T2000 manned turret of this vehicle carries two primary weapon systems - an integrated Spike-LR2 launcher (which can elevate,.

1/144 South Korean K21 IFV (QDC5J9J8Y) by Dragoman on Shapeways. Learn more before you buy, or discover other cool products in Vehicles The company says the Redback is a brand-new IFV based on years of experience with previous vehicles, including the K21 IFV, which has been deployed with the Republic of Korea Army since 2009 Oct 5, 2020 - Explore Jay Rooney's board IFV- K21, followed by 315 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about military vehicles, military, vehicles

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Earlier, in 2013, a prototype light tank, based on the K-21 IFV has been revealed. It was developed by the same companies. It also used the chassis of the K21 IFV, but was fitted with XC-8 lightweight concept turret, armed with a 120-mm gun. Most likely that the K21-105 evolved from this project Armored Truck. K21 IFV - Republic of Korea Arm 두산 K21 IFV by Tomcat Bobcat 145 32 First in a series of Korean vehicles. I'll be posting a full MBT on December 20th (if you feel sleuth-y, you can look through my stream to find hints as to which MBT I'll be posting). Also, I'm 7.


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The K21 IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) is a 26 ton vehicle, similar to the 33 ton U.S. M-2. The K-21 has a crew of three and carries nine infantry in the back. The two man turret carries a 40mm autocannon, with 200 rounds, as well as two ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile) launchers and a coaxial (with the 40mm) 7.62mm machine-gun K21_IFV.jpg ‎ (780 × 439 pixels, file size: 620 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg) Licensing [ edit | edit source ] This image comes from the video game this wiki is concerned with or from websites created and owned by its publisher, the copyright of which is held by the publisher or developer of the game Prototype no more. The first production model K-21 rolled out today during a ceremony at the Doosan DST factory in Changwon. It is heading out to th APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) / IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) M113; M2/MLRS/CV90; M9ACE; K21; HYBRID BIHO; BMP-1(бмп-1 гусеница) BMP-2(бмп-2 гусеница) BMP-3(бмп-3 гусеница) BMD-1/2(бмд-1/2 гусеница) SPH (Self-Propelled Howitzer) M109(T154) M109(T136) M107, M110, M578; K55A1; K9; Revetment-kit.

K-21 NIFVREDBACK | Armored Vehicles | Our Business | Hanwha DefensePrototype Chinese IFV with 105mm turret | Military画像 : 自衛隊の装備 戦車一覧【戦車・装甲車・自走砲】 - NAVER まとめ

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The Mitsubishi Type 89 IFV(三菱89式装甲戦闘車,Mitsubishi 89-shiki sōkō-sentō-sha?) is a Japanese infantry fighting vehicle that entered service with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force in 1989. The vehicle was adopted at a low rate with 58 vehicles in service as of 1999update, with a total of 70 produced by 2005. The main armament of the vehicle is an Oerlikon Contraves 35. The Redback - which is derived from the Republic of Korea Army's amphibious K21 IFV - was shortlisted as a bidder for the contract alongside Rheinmetall Defence's Lynx KF41 IFV in September 2019. The Australian government is expected to select a preferred tenderer by 2022,. a little information about South Korean K21 IFV ROK(South Korea) Armed Forces pics and videos ^ | March, 2010. | blue_shark Posted on 12/19/2010 5:34:25 AM PST by shutwho. Greetings from S. Korea! I wrote a article about K21 IFV in my blog. there aren't much explanation about K21 IFV, but lots of pics and videos instead K21 IFV - Republic of Korea Army. Saved by Dante. 3. People also love these ideas. yes it does indeed have thinner tracks then puma, also its tracks consist out of a single chain, puma has a double-chain just like the marder 2, the

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ROK K21 IFV. Saved by imgur. Army Vehicles Armored Vehicles Arms Race Tank Destroyer Military Gear Modern Warfare Us Army Heavy Metal Country. More information.. 2-way rivalry underway to win next-generation infantry fight vehicles project. H anwha Defense said on Dec. 20 that the South Korean company had shipped its third and final prototype of Redback infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) to Australia to win a bid for a multi-billion-dollar project.. The Seoul-based company already sent two prototypes of the IFV this July to arrive in Melbourne in. its menacing alright. and the gun is big. maybe one day we'll have 120mm guns on IFVs but personally i'd prefer one of those chain gun like the CIWS English: Soldiers from Republic of Korea army 20th Mechanized infantry division disembarking from K21 IFV Yangpyeong, South Korea 201

K21 IFV Republic of Korea Army. Saved by Dante. More ideas for you. K21 IFV - Republic of Korea Army. Saved by Centurion. People also love these ideas. K21 IFV - Republic of Korea Army. Saved by Mohamed. 5. Military Vehicles Army Racing Warhammer 40k Korean Gi Joe Running Military Korean Language. K21 IFV - Republic of Korea Army. Centurion. 3k abonnés. Les utilisateurs aiment aussi ces idées. The Redback IFV is based on Hanwha's indigenous K21 IFV and the power-pack solution of the K9 self-propelled howitzer. Both systems have been deployed with the South Korean Army and Marine Corps. In particular, the introduction of an In-Arm type hydropneumatics Suspension Unit. We and our partners process personal data such as IP Address, Unique ID, browsing data for: Use precise geolocation data | Actively scan device characteristics for identification.. Some partners do not ask for your consent to process your data, instead, they rely on their legitimate business interest. View our list of partners to see the purposes they believe they have a legitimate interest.

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