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The second most visited social media, with an audience of over 71 million people a month. 3: Instagram.com: A popular site for sharing photos and videos. 14% of Russian users use Instagram every day or almost every day. 4: Facebook.com: The largest social network in the world is located on the 4th line of the Russian rating of the most visited social networks. 5: Twitter.com: Closes the list the world-famous Twitter What Makes Russian Social Media Unique? The Russian social media landscape is complex. The most obviously unique thing about the Russian social media landscape is the native platforms that are most popular. That most popular platform by volume of users is YouTube. The native Russian social network called VKontakte (VK) comes a close second

Over the last years, YouTube has been the most popular social media platform in Russia, and by the third quarter of 2019, it accounted for 87 percent of users share countrywide VK social media (Vkontakte) and Odnoklassniki are two of the most popular Russian social networking sites amongst Russian internet users. These two social platforms are where you need to be singing your tune! As at the start of 2014, VK had approximately 239 million accounts making it one of Facebook's biggest competitors within the Russian market

More on Russian Social Media The largest Russian Social Media network and the most visited site in Russia is the domestic Facebook rival Vkontakte ( В Контакте ), also known as VK. The site, which also has an English language version, was launched in 2006 and currently has around 33 million unique visitors per day However, VKontakte (which translated from Russian means in touch) or simply VK, takes the first place as the most-frequently used social networking site in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, registering over 70 million daily users. Moreover, it is the second most-visited website in Russia after Yandex

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VK is a Russian online social media and social networking service based in Saint Petersburg. VK is available in multiple languages but it is predominantly used by Russian-speakers. VK allows users to message each other publicly or privately; create groups, public pages, and events; share and tag images, audio, and video; and play browser-based games. As of August 2018, VK had at least 500 million accounts. It is the most popular website in Russia. According to SimilarWeb, VK is. Oligarch Domination of Russian Social Media Extends Globally. While we're laying out the social media landscape and discussing the pluses and minuses of the different players, one thing to bear in mind is that the ultimate control of many of them rests with the oligarch Alisher Usmanov 2) There are currently 70 million active social media users in Russia. The majority of them (57+M) use mobile devices to access their social accounts. 3) The most active social media platforms (including messaging apps) in Russia are YouTube, VK, and WhatsApp. More than twice as many Russians (83%) reported using the homegrown VK (also known as VKontakte) as Facebook (39%) Russian authorities are escalating pressure on social media companies, forcing them to censor online content deemed illegal by the government, Human Rights Watch said today

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In certain recent cases, social media accounts linked with Russian influence operations appear to have taken cues directly and immediately from the @realdonaldtrump Twitter account, according to. Russian broadcast media dominate in the region. Ukraine, however, has censored Russian government broadcasting and a popular Russian social media platform. Social media activists, websites, news sources, and others actively disseminate their own pro-Russia propaganda content without obvious direct support from the Russian state

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  1. Russian Social Media Influence: Understanding Russian Propaganda in Eastern Europe Apr 12, 2018 Todd C. Helmus @Helmus , Elizabeth Bodine-Baron @bodinebaron , et al
  2. Russia showed the world the effectiveness of social media as a weapon system in the cyber domain. By leveraging the population against one another, it successfully took ground from another sovereign nation without the employment of massed conventional forces. Future conflicts will involve
  3. Russia plays in every social media space. The intelligence officials have found that Moscow's agents bought ads on Facebook to target specific populations with propaganda
  4. Congress held hearings last week on how Russia used social media to interfere with the presidential campaign. One key tool they used was bots, computer programs that act like real people online
  5. As time went by, Russian audience of My World has tremendously thinned off. As of December 2017, 9.1 million Russians used this social network for communication and entertainment. Women visited My World more often. As for age, My World turned out to be most popular for Russian aged 35-44. 2018 Social Network Development Trend
  6. Zinc maintained a secret network of Russian-speaking social media influencers, to promote media integrity and democratic values - curiously, its relationship with these individuals is said to have involved daily management
  7. While Russian support to the Trump campaign on social media and through the release of information obtained through cyberattack is well recognized, less well known is IRA amplification of political beliefs and voices specifically selected to increase polarization in American discourse

Odnoklassniki.ru. Odnoklassniki.ru (means classmates in Russian) is a popular social media platform where people search for their classmates, colleagues and university friends. The search is organized by Name, Location, University / school name, Year of graduation, Place and year or army service etc Social media of the future: trending newcomers in Russia. In this post, predictions from Netologiya (a Russian digital marketing course provider) for 2021 are summarized by Yal Studio.According to the post, these social media sites are expected to become more prominent in the minds and hearts of Russians in 2021

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  1. As a part of the House Intelligence Committee's own investigation into Russia's use of social media, Facebook and the House Intelligence Committee released data from advertising purchases made by the IRA, and in late 2018 Twitter released their own data on IRA-connected accounts
  2. Public Discussion in Russian Social Media: An Introduction Russian media have recently (re-)gained attention of the scholarly community, mostly due to the rise of cyber-attacking techniques and computational propaganda efforts
  3. Social media penetration in Russia 2019, by platform and age group Social media monthly usage frequency via desktop in Russia 2019, by platform Time spent using social networks per person in.
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  5. Russia showed the world the effectiveness of social media as a weapon system in the cyber domain. By leveraging the population against one another, it successfully took ground from another sovereign nation without the employment of massed conventional forces
  6. Some of the Popular Images and Themes the Russians Posted on Social Media. Using an array of accounts on multiple platforms and targeting a variety of demographics, the Russians have generated.
  7. So, too, was Odnoklassniki, a Russian social media site, which counted 5 million monthly users in Ukraine

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Abstract Social media have become one of the most important news delivery channels due to their interactivity and large audiences. The content published by news organizations on social networking sites is of particular value to sociologists, because it allows measurement of users' attitude to certain events Blocking foreign social media sites would prompt a massive backlash. Young Russians have grown up with YouTube, Facebook and, more recently, Instagram, TikTok and Telegram According to the same source, the majority of the Russian population uses social media. As of 2017, the most popular social media networks in the Russian Federation were YouTube (68%) and VKontakte (61%). For the Government of the Russian Federation, information security is an indivisible component of overall national security

Russia's parliament has voted to ban soldiers from using smartphones while on duty, after their social media use raised issues of national security. The bill forbids military personnel from using. Craziness From Russian Social Media. Crazy, weird and funny representative of the Russian nation.

Evidence from an analysis of Twitter data reveals that Russian social media trolls exploited racial and political identities to infiltrate distinct groups of authentic users, playing on their group identities. The groups affected spanned the ideological spectrum, suggesting the importance of coordinated counter-responses from diverse coalitions of. How the Media Became One of Putin's Most Powerful Weapons. After decades of wielding Soviet-style hard power, Russia is developing a subtler form of influence It also points to another divide playing out in Russia: As social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram help energize young Russians against Putin, the Kremlin's attempts at counter. Russia was controlling 170 Instagram accounts that posted 120,000 pieces of content during a two-year period. Collectively, the IRA's social media accounts reached tens of millions of U.S. persons, the report reads. The IRA's tweets got a lot attention. Last year, Twitter publicly identified 3,814 Russi

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Russia leads when it comes to social media manipulation. According to the NATO StratCom COE, Russian companies dominate the market when it comes to manipulating social media networks. In a report published in late 2020, the organization said that nearly all of the big software and infrastructure providers they had identified were of Russian origin Russia wants to ban social media sites discriminating against Russian news outlets. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube at risk of getting blocked in Russia for discriminating against Russian news. From 2013 to 2020, the number of people who watched TV in Russia dropped from 88% to 74%, according to the Levada Center, an independent polling organization. At the same time, daily social media. Just in time for making our New Year's marketing resolutions, we're getting a special treat - a study on social media users in Russia, with lots of the latest numbers and trends to enjoy. Actually, betting on social networks in 2015 sounds good to me - the experts predict social media marketing and retargeting to be on the rise Russia is a highly capable cyber actor, employing organised crime groups to supplement its cyber skills. Russia carries out malicious cyber activity in order to assert itself aggressively - for example, attempting to interfere in other countries' elections

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REUTERS. The Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, has adopted a resolution supporting the extension of the blocking of Russian social media and networking services, namely Mail.ru, VKontakte (VK) and Odnoklassniki (OK.ru). Some 248 lawmakers voted for the No. 3319 resolution that approves proposals to extend special economic and other restrictive. However, Russia banned professional social media network LinkedIn in 2016 exactly because it stores Russian citizen's data outside of Russia. Roskomnadzor implemented the ban in November 2016. Despite the ban, Crime Russia reported that 60% of Russian LinkedIn users continued to access the platform a year later

WASHINGTON (AP) — Russia's sweeping political disinformation campaign on U.S. social media was more far-reaching than originally thought, with troll farms working to discourage black voters and blur the lines between reality and fiction to help elect Donald Trump in 2016, according to reports released Monday by the Senate intelligence committee The daughter of Russian Tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov and social media influencer, Alesya Kafelnikova has been criticized for her recent photo with a Sumatran elephant. The video posted on the influencer's Instagram, showing herself posing nude on top of an elephant in Bali, received a massive response from viewers Russian state media have gained a reputation for generating and disseminating disinformation. With the rise of social media, this alleged attempted influence has extended to new forms. Ukraine in particular receives a considerable amount of coverage, as a new analysis of Twitter data shows We studied the job advertisements of the Internet Research Agency. On 2 February, there were ten of them on a Russian job website. The company is not looking for trolls but, for example, social media specialists, Internet operators, content managers, and copywriters for day and night shifts Thousands of Russian women are posting selfies on social media with their faces covered in fake blood and bruises in an effort to push the government to pass a domestic violence law

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Russia is waging a war on social media as it has sued America's big three tech giants. It is threatening to ban Twitter. The story of social media regulations began with the arrest and sentencing of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, who was allegedly poisoned last year. It triggered a wave of protests in major Russian cities Congressional investigations and media reports are shedding light on ways Russians use social media to cause division and chaos in the U.S. Why it matters: The revelation that Russian actors meddled in the 2016 election through Facebook ads have led to intense scrutiny into how social media was leveraged to sow chaos and create divisions among Americans New Studies Show Pundits Are Wrong About Russian Social-Media Involvement in US Politics Far from being a sophisticated propaganda campaign, it was small, amateurish, and mostly unrelated to the.

Like Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have mounted multi-year efforts to promote sweeping, nationalistic content adapted to resemble domestic discourse in multiple countries. And growing evidence suggests China has begun a broad social media campaign targeting the Chinese diaspora in multiple countries since 2017 In March, Facebook and Twitter also took down a similar Russian-backed campaign that tricked unsuspecting social media users in Ghana to target African Americans in the U.S. with viral posts. A Russian social media network has taken down the event page for a Miss Hitler beauty pageant slated to take place later this summer after an appeal from an Israeli group, Channel 12. The Russian LGBT Network claims teachers are being ordered to keep files on students who post rainbows to social media. Skip to main content. Open Navigation Menu. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Close Alert Russia Is. Vladimir Putin has signed an array of laws giving Russia new powers to restrict US social media giants.. The package of reforms will allow Russia to block or restrict access to sites that.

Russia is targeting African politics and elections with misinformation campaigns on social media R/Stringer Facebook is dealing with a fake news problem in Afric Just a Glimpse to Russian Social Media. We don't know why they do this. And if they do, why they share these pics with others.. Merciless This dissertation uses Russian social media as a lens for exploring the historically, culturally, socially and politically situated relationship between individuals and online communication technologies. I propose a framework for comparative international analysis that leverages three interconnected elements - history, network structure and media ecology

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Russia's modus operandi for social media exploitation is predictable: Identify a contentious issue, employ bots and trolls on various social media platforms to spread divisive rhetoric, amplify. Social media - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Russia's Social Media Propaganda Was Hiding in Plain Sight. The hearings on Russian disinformation are a bitter coda to a symphony of discontent. The writing on the wall. Joshua Roberts / R.

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While Twitter and Facebook are most in the news, Russian trolls infest every corner of social media, including sites like Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, WhatsApp and Disqus, which powers the comment.. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have an important role to play in mitigating the effects of Russian messaging, but their primary objective is generating profits, not defending..

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Russia Has Most Engaged Social Networking Audience Worldwide Yandex Reached Nearly 80 Percent of Russian Internet Audience in August 2010 London, U.K., 20th October, 2010 - Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released a study of internet usage in Russia based on August 2010 data from the Comscore Media Metrix service RSA CONFERENCE 2019 - San Francisco - Russia and China both leverage social media influence operations to sway opinions in the United States and other Western nations And it shows that the Russians weren't just running a bland content farm, churning out propaganda in broken English. The operation was deeply sophisticated, and at times, downright funny Regardless, it is certainly clear that social media was a key focus of the currently understood Russian efforts, with Facebook front and center to those activities In Russian Social Media, Glimpse of Students Accused of Hiding Boston Evidence. By Jennifer Preston May 1, 2013 10:56 pm May 1, 2013 10:56 pm. Photo. One of those charged, Dias Kadyrbayev, left, with the surviving suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, in a photo from the social network VK

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In April 2019, Special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference found that Russia's Internet Research Agency reached millions of U.S. users on social media ahead of the 2016. Russia using social media to divide Americans, says US homeland security head. Homeland Security Department says Russian hackers don't appear so focussed on mid-term elections as they were on. As it turns out, all of this might just be on purpose. Recent reports are saying that a lot of the extreme social media accounts that have been pushing these agendas weren't created by Americans at all. Thousands of them were created in Russia as part of a propaganda war to tear the United States apart. It's an old Cold War tactic Russian servicemen march during the Victory Day Parade in Moscow's Red Square May 9, 2014. Sergei Karpukhin/REUTERS In the age of social media, many people seem to have the urge to share. Propaganda Watch: Russian Social Media Ads-3/20/2021. March 20, 2021 12:00 pm EDT MrsMaryLou Propaganda Watch (Open Thread) 0. Russian President Vladimir Putin superimposed into a Russian Flag. Image by Lenny Ghoul. This is part of an ongoing series where I review some of the ads purchased by the Russians

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Unlike in China, Russian people and businesses have habitually used YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, for example, and depriving Russians of these popular applications may cause social and political unrest. The struggle for control of social media in Russia is likely to continue both on- and offline Since then, the Russian Ministry of Defence has enacted policies that greatly restrict information flow on social media sites among individual service members. As such, this article relies on the.. Russians launched pro-Jill Stein social media blitz to help Trump win election, reports say Building support for Stein was one of a roster of themes the Moscow-sanctioned internet trolls.

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On Tuesday, the Russian parliament passed a law requiring social media websites to keep their servers in Russia and save all information about their users for at least half a year. The same law, which will go into effect in August if signed by Putin, gave bloggers the same legal status — and responsibilities — as media outlets, making them more vulnerable to accusations of libel or extremism The lawmakers' report linked some 9,100 posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram between 2015 and 2017 to operatives including the St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency, a Russian. All of the leading social media platforms — Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Google — are American inventions. Yet the Russians weaponized them to wage political war Social media accounts linked to Russia have begun to disrupt this year's U.S. presidential race and it's become harder to detect the posts on platforms like Instagram, according to a new. A Russian social media celebrity was being deported from Indonesia on Sunday after he held a party at a luxury hotel on the resort island of Bali attended by more than 50 people despite.

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